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Kureha’s New PGA Plant to Produce Biodegradable Plastic

Photo of polyglycolic acid, provided by Charleston Area Alliance. Yesterday’s opening of a new polyglycolic acid plant in Belle, W.Va., was good news for the state's economy and the world’s environment. Kureha will annually produce several million pounds of the polymer, which is biodegradable, for use in products such as soft drink bottles. [...]

MATRIC Wows ESRI Technical Staff At Annual Users Conference

While most of us are familiar with the most common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application “Google Earth”, few of us realize the impact that targeted GIS applications can have on everyday events.  Fewer still are aware that some software companies specialize in applications dedicated to the manipulation of GIS data for decision-making purposes. One such [...]

MATRIC Expanding Environmental Services Menu in West Virginia

Several service areas have been identified as having potentially positive impacts for businesses in West Virginia, including:  Oil and gas related activities including enhanced oil recovery (EOR) using ethane for re-pressurization of former oil-producing reservoirs, CO2 flooding and ethane storage. Coal mining environmental impact and safety related issues including methane removal using horizontal drilling methods, [...]

MATRIC To Host International Year Of Chemistry Event In Philadelphia

With 2011 having been designated The International Year of Chemistry (IYC 2011), many organizations are celebrating chemistry and its contributions to the well being of humankind. MATRIC has been invited by The Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF) to sponsor a symposium “Commercializing Green Chemistry and Biomass-Derived Product Lines,” moderated by Greg W. Clutter, chief operating officer, [...]

MATRIC Customer Wins Presidential Green Chemistry Award

Minneapolis, MN 20 June – BioAmber, Inc. has been awarded a 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award, presented by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the American Chemical Society (ACS).  The Award promotes technology that provides substantial environmental benefits using green chemistry.  BioAmber’s platform was recognized as the leading technology in the field of succinic [...]

Expanded Pilot and Demonstration Plant Facilities Available to MATRIC Customers

The transfer of the former Dow/Union Carbide Technology Center to the Higher Education Policy Commission of the State of West Virginia has resulted in many welcome and significant changes in the techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement of the renamed West Virginia Education, Research and Technology Park property including greatly increasing MATRIC’s access to pilot and demonstration facilities. Pilot plant [...]

SGA Polymers Creates “Green” Acrylic Acid from Renewables

SGA Polymers, LLC was formed as a spin-off from MATRIC in August, 2010 with the specific mission of developing and commercializing technology invented for conversion of lactic acid to acrylic acid using renewable raw materials. Currently all acrylic acid is produced from petroleum through propylene. In the world market, only large petroleum-based acrylic acid plants [...]

CEO-in-Residence Program Funded by Benedum Foundation

A significant lesson in the world of commercialization is that it is very difficult for start-up companies to succeed without an experienced leader at the helm from the beginning.  Indeed, venture capital firms have led the way in recruiting seasoned leadership to guide companies in which they invest.  Successful university commercialization departments have also begun [...]