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A customer wanted to improve the on-stream performance of a manufacturing operation involving filtration. MATRIC reviewed the operation and obtained samples of process streams. Laboratory filtration studies were then carried out, and options were investigated to improve process throughput and quality. Recommendations were provided on modifications, which were demonstrated to provide improved performance. - [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Purification by Adsorption and Ion Exchange

A customer wanted to obtain a high purity grade of a standard product. MATRIC worked with the customer technical team to develop a purification process, which was demonstrated at laboratory scale. The multi-step process involved a solid-phase adsorbent and ion exchange. Then a larger-scale system was constructed and operated to process drum quantities of material. [...]

MATRIC Implements Update for NETL’s Energy Data eXchange (EDX)

MATRIC recently implemented a significant update to the National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) Energy Data eXchange (EDX) platform. EDX was part of the NETL Offshore Risk Modeling (ORM) Suite that was recognized by R&D Magazine as one of the 100 most technologically significant products introduced into the marketplace in the past year. The platform provides [...]

MATRIC produces hand sanitizer in fight against COVID-19 pandemic

SOUTH CHARLESTON, W.Va., May 4, 2020 – Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) today announced that it has completed production of hand sanitizer at its facility in South Charleston, W.Va., to support the ongoing demand for medical, health and hygiene products amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. MATRIC's initial batch of hand sanitizer equates to over [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Process Development, Pilot Plant

A pilot plant was designed and constructed based on technology developed at MATRIC with a customer. The process was highly complicated, with both gas and liquid phase recycles, six on-line analytical instruments for both control and critical safe operation, and final product purification and collection.  The total number of instruments was 35. The pilot plant [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Technology Assessment

A customer developing a process for a new product was considering teaming with another company that was also developing a process for that product. The two parties wanted to have an independent third-party assessment of the processes under development by each, before sharing technical details with each other. MATRIC collected information on the technical progress [...]

Innovation is Essential to Defeating Pandemic

An opinion editorial by MATRIC Chairman & CEO Steve Hedrick The past few weeks and months have put life into perspective – for everyone, regardless of geography, age, race or income. We’ve been forced to identify the difference between wants and needs for ourselves and others around us. Real needs. Such as life-saving tools and [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Continuous Polymerization

A customer was working on a condensation polymerization process and had obtained results in batch operation, but wanted to demonstrate the process in continuous operation at larger scale. MATRIC assembled a reaction system using a CSTR at 50 L scale and performed several runs to make the polymer product. Information collected in these runs helped [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Solid-Liquid Separations

A customer had encountered difficulties with a filtration step in a pilot scale operation, caused by gelatinous and sticky solids. MATRIC visited the pilot plant, observed the process, and observed laboratory filtrations to investigate the nature of the materials. After this trip, recommendations were presented on several options for a more effective separation at commercial [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Process Design and Economic Model

A small company was exploring a novel multi-step route to a chemical product, and they had preliminary results from individual steps but without recycles or purifications. MATRIC worked with the customer’s team to develop practical process steps. At the same time, a conceptual integrated process design was prepared, and an economic model was developed. Results [...]