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MATRIC MATTERS: Process Engineering and Economic Evaluation

West Virginia State University operated an anaerobic fermentation process for treating agricultural waste and converting it to useful and environmentally acceptable products. MATRIC was engaged to provide process engineering support and evaluate the commercial potential of the process. An economic model was developed that provided insight into the important considerations for commercialization. -- For additional [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Green Product Development

When AKJ Industries was having problems with their existing product line, they asked MATRIC to develop a new side release agent that would prevent wet coal from freezing to the sides of rail cars during winter transport. Within six weeks, MATRIC had devised a method to quantitatively measure the effectiveness of potential products and had [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Reactive Distillation and Crystallization

BioAmber developed a proprietary fermentation process to produce succinic acid using raw materials from agriculture and forestry. MATRIC was able to provide chemical process and engineering expertise that led to the development of a novel isolation and purification process involving reactive distillation and crystallization. The novel process was demonstrated at the pilot scale at MATRIC’s [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Catalyzed Carbohydrate Hydrolysis

A client was interested in exploring the possibility of catalyzing the hydrolysis of soluble carbohydrate oligomers to monomeric sugars with a particular type of catalyst. MATRIC selected specific catalysts to be evaluated, and initial tests provided proof of the concept. Additional studies determined rates and selectivities for their reactions with various substrates. The most promising [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Manufacturing Plant Assessment

MATRIC was engaged to help a client identify opportunities to increase productivity, efficiency, process safety, energy efficiency and reliability in the operation of a chemical manufacturing facility in Asia. MATRIC’s team brought extensive operations, engineering and R&D experience in various technologies to the assessment and the client brought specific expertise in the technology employed. Pre-assessment [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Crystallization and Solid-Liquid Separation

A producer of a solid material wanted to update their process for greater efficiency and productivity. MATRIC investigated alternatives for removing insoluble components from the process stream at laboratory scale. The material was collected and characterized by microscopy and particle size analysis. Laboratory investigation of separation options identified disc centrifugation as a practical solution. A [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Process Troubleshooting

A chemical manufacturing facility encountered a problem with unexpected impurities in the product causing it to fail specifications. A MATRIC team was assembled to investigate the problem. Operating records were inspected, process streams were collected for analysis, and analytical methods were developed to help understand the problem. When the likely cause of the problem was [...]

How outsourcing R&D can help businesses be successful

In a competitive business environment, innovation and technology development are key factors of a business’s long-term survival and growth. In the chemical industry, companies strive to stay ahead of the competition by offering innovative products, distinct services, superior quality or competitive pricing. Regardless of which strategy a business adopts, technology development must drive the company’s [...]

MATRIC MATTERS: Oxidation Process Assessment

A customer operating a liquid-phase oxidation asked MATRIC for an assessment of the safety and performance of their process. MATRIC visited the production facility, reviewed the operating procedures, and discussed the chemistry with the customer’s team. MATRIC then provided recommendations on how to avoid operating in the flammable range and suggested improvements that could improve [...]