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Solving a mystery of high impurity concentrations

Early in 2014, one of our customers was experiencing high impurity concentrations in their product. High levels of both the typical impurities and unexpected oxidized contaminations were present in their product overhead. This was problematic because a high-value stream was failing specifications and the only solution was to sell it as a lower-value commodity. Using [...]

MATRIC Welcomes Three New Team Members

At MATRIC, we know that our people are our most valued asset, and we are pleased to welcome three new members to the team! Dr. Grant Proulx joins MATRIC as a Senior Research Chemist. He has more than 22 years of experience as a chemist and technical leader in scale-up, commercial leadership and chemical techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement [...]

MATRIC Presents at Specialty and Agro Chemicals America Event

MATRIC Chief Technology Officer Jack Dever presented at the Specialty and Agro Chemicals America Event on September 8 in Charleston, SC. Dever discussed the Appalachian Storage & Trading Hub and the impact it would have on the Appalachian region. The Specialy and Agro Chemicals America Event focuses on the chemical products and technologies that have [...]

Project Spotlight: Evaluating and Scaling-up the Right Product and Process

Achieving Profitable Growth at Mid-Sized Chemical Companies The business and market realities for mid-sized chemical companies are simple to state, but difficult to deliver.  Technical and business leaders at these organizations face pressure to deliver profitable growth in hypercompetitive, low-growth, global environments. In those cases where market and competitive opportunities align in a way that [...]

Analytical is Paramount in Pilot Plant Design

Genius process design, foolproof operating systems, complex intertwined unit operations, sophisticated pilot plants. All mean nothing if you cannot obtain a sample, analyze and quantify exactly what is in it.  Analytical, from method development to sampling procedure, technique, precision, and how to treat the data, is paramount.  You must be able to measure it.  This [...]

MATRIC Presents at Esri International User Conference

MATRIC’s Vic Baker recently presented at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, Calif., a premier four-day geographic information systems (GIS) event attended by more than 16,000 people representing 138 countries. Baker gave three presentations during the conference which included an ESRI Lightning Talk, a Department of Energy (DOE) GIS User Group meeting presentation, [...]

The Building Blocks of MATRIC’s Brand

MATRIC’s brand icon represents an innovative work process with various components that combine to form a whole operation. The “brand blocks” signify the series of capabilities and actions required to fulfill a customer’s business objectives. The icon symbolizes a manner in which expert research, development and engineering methods fit together to serve these functions: 1) [...]

MATRIC Presents at 2017 AIChE Spring Conference

Traveling to the numerous conferences each year is nothing new to MATRICian Rob Nunley who attended the AIChE spring meeting in San Antonio, Texas, this week. AIChE is the world’s leading organization for chemical engineering professionals, with more than 50,000 members from more than 100 countries. […]