>Meet Our Staff

Mike Burgess

Mike Burgess is a principal engineer, responsible for reaction engineering, statistics, and project management. He joined MATRIC in 2018. Before joining MATRIC, his entire career was with Union Carbide / Dow. He began his career in the Separations and Process Fundamentals Skill Center and from there moved to the Reaction Engineering Skill Center. After leaving [...]

Sara E. Bailey

Sara Bailey is an Accounts Payable and Payroll Specialist II, responsible for anything related to accounts payable and everything that relates to payroll. She joined MATRIC in 2012. She has an extensive background in accounting working for her family business handling all accounting, payroll, human resources, and office management functions for more than 15 years. [...]

Christine A. Aubry-Cochran

Christine Aubry-Cochran is a Senior Laboratory Technician, responsible for supporting the team and the customer in the laboratory. She joined MATRIC in 2008. Since then, she has served on the safety team and she is presently on the wellness team. Prior to working at MATRIC, she worked with GAF, Azon Corp., and Union Carbide, OSI [...]

Elton Bond, C.P.A.

Elton Bond is the Chief Financial Officer and Chief Administrative Officer, responsible for the financial and information technology functions of MATRIC as well as the financial health of the enterprise. He works with the CEO and other members of the executive management team to set and execute MATRIC’s strategic objectives. He joined MATRIC in 2021. [...]

Sunmeet “Sunny” Singh

Sunmeet "Sunny" Singh is the Facilities Coordinator, responsible for site maintenance activities, day-to-day operation of site utilities, and assisting in pilot plant operations as needed. He joined MATRIC in 2017 as a Senior Pilot Plant Technician, responsible for project operations and day-to-day pilot plant operations. Prior to joining MATRIC, Mr. Singh worked at Rec Silicon [...]

Justin Ferrell

Justin Ferrell is the Advanced Controls Technician, responsible for operating the distributed control system to implement process management and control solutions. He programs the DCS system, troubleshoots problems, and develops improved processes. He joined MATRIC in 2018 as a Lab Technician. Prior to Joining MATRIC, Mr. Ferrell worked for the State of West Virginia as [...]

Zac May

Zachary "Zac" May is an Advanced Laboratory Technician, responsible for chemical process lab coverage, chemical and catalyst inventory, and the hydrogen generator. He joined MATRIC in 2019. Prior to joining MATRIC, Mr. May worked as a laboratory technician and as a supervisor of operations with Flint Group. Mr. May received a bachelor’s degree from RBA [...]

Ben Clark

Ben Clark has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University. He has experience with Chemours at the Belle, WV plant. Ben Clark RESEARCH ENGINEER Ben Clark has a Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering from West Virginia University. He has experience with Chemours at the Belle, [...]

Mark Hutsenpiller

Mark M. Hutsenpiller is a Master Laboratory Technician, responsible for providing analytical services for our clients’ projects as part of MATRIC’s analytical team as well as performing laboratory project work from time to time. He joined MATRIC in 2018. Prior to joining MATRIC, Mr. Hutsenpiller spent 27 years working at the Institute Site for Bayer [...]

Sam Daniel

Samuel Daniel is an advanced laboratory technician, responsible for the analytical department. He joined MATRIC in 2021. Prior to joining MATRIC, Mr. Daniel was a chemist III for the West Virginia department of agriculture, analyzing pesticides and hemp. Before that, he was the lead chemist and lab manager of Gas Analytical, analyzing natural gas for [...]