Delivering Market-Driven Innovation

MATRIC assists its customers with innovation in both breakthrough technologies and product /process improvements.  This dual focus has been possible due to experienced product researchers and process manufacturing experts that make up our professional and technical staff.

One of the primary advantages in contracting with MATRIC is that we study market developments and trends to identify market opportunities and raw materials cost and availability that often prove invaluable to our customers in developing timely, cost-effective solutions to meet those needs.  We sometimes refer to this effort as market-driven innovation at the speed of business.

With that in mind, the “building blocks” of MATRIC’s brand represent the stages of product and process development:

  • Discovery
  • Development and Design
  • Deployment

While staff at MATRIC have deep expertise in all these areas and we can assist you in the discovery and deployment processes, we believe that development and design is where we provide the most value to our customers.

MATRIC applies rigorous project design and techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement strategies, professional and scientific assessments and risk mitigation with unique interdisciplinary teams to solve customer problems.  These strategies combined with extraordinary expertise, first-rate facilities and an intense focus on customer success create The MATRIC Advantage.

MATRIC has also developed strategies for how we work with our customers, providing maximum flexibility to meet customer needs and protect customer intellectual property.  We strive to make Working with MATRIC a genuinely rewarding experience.


“The innovative and driven spirit MATRIC brought to the project is truly unique. Although I have worked with many contractors and consultants (and even consulted myself), none have matched the partnership mentality you all operated by over the years. I believe you all share with myself and my company a common value system of humility, passion, unity, servanthood and thankfulness not just when things are going our way, but more importantly, when our back was against the wall, which happened often over the years. I have appreciated your willingness to contribute creative, balanced opinions that helped shape our thought process.”

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A MATRIC Value: “We cherish fast-paced market-driven innovation and life-changing research and development to deliver the best, most cost-effective value proposition for our global customers.”

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