MATRIC’s Vic Baker recently presented at the Esri International User Conference in San Diego, Calif., a premier four-day geographic information systems (GIS) event attended by more than 16,000 people representing 138 countries.

Baker gave three presentations during the conference which included an ESRI Lightning Talk, a Department of Energy (DOE) GIS User Group meeting presentation, and a Big Data session presentation. Two additional presentations were given by our DOE National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) colleagues Kelly Rose and Jen Bauer on work where MATRIC also partners.

The presentations focused on the “Big Data Computing for GIS Data Discovery” work MATRIC is currently doing for NETL. Sifting through big data to find relevant spatial information can be overwhelming and difficult. To identify relevant spatial data, MATRIC is developing big data computing methods that integrate spatial libraries with Spark and Hadoop databases to analyze local and web-based volumes of unstructured mixed data. Coupling GIS with big data computing enables us to extract valuable information, understand complex data relationships on a scale previously not possible, and preform more robust spatiotemporal analyses.

“The search tools we are developing go beyond what typical web searching provides you,” said Baker.  “We are developing search tools that automatically search for, and analyze relevance of found data, to provide users with useful correlated content — automatically — based on what the user is interested in finding. We accomplish this by combining massive amounts of enterprise and online data, machine learning algorithms, and cluster computing to enable new frontiers of data discovery.”

— For additional information on MATRIC’s GIS capabilities, contact Mark Dehlin.