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D. James Schreck, Ph.D.

D. James Schreck, Ph.D.


Dr. Schreck is one of the earliest members of MATRIC. He has led the development of major project areas and been a key process chemistry contributor. Jim Schreck gained thirty years of experience in process chemistry and catalysis in a career with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. He supported the development and improvement of processes in the Solvents and Coatings Materials Division for several years, and was then appointed Technology Manager with responsibility for Ethyleneamines, Ethanolamines, and Alkyl Amines process technology. In this role, he led the commercialization of the reductive amination of monoethanolamine to ethylenediamine, the first time this high-pressure hydrogenation technology was practiced commercially. He holds multiple patents resulting from this work.

Dr. Schreck then was appointed leader of the Corporate Catalysis Skill Center. In this position, he was involved in the introduction of a number of process innovations. He led a team that demonstrated feeding of polyolefin catalyst solutions to fluidized bed reactors in commercial equipment. This was previously not believed to be possible, and was the result of multifunctional teamwork including chemists, engineers and polymer scientists. After the merger with Dow, Dr. Schreck was appointed Senior Resource Leader, and he built and managed the Process Chemistry Discipline.


  • Ph.D., Organic Chemistry, University of Minnesota
  • B.S., Chemistry, College of St. Thomas