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Chemical Catalysis

Chemical Catalysis Testing, Development, and Process Improvement

MATRIC personnel have a wide range of experience in catalysis, including the development and testing of catalysts, both homogeneous and heterogeneous.

The processes involved include hydrogenation, hydroformylation, oligomerization/polymerization of olefins, selective olefin oxidation, condensation reactions, alkoxylation, and others.

Test facilities include stirred autoclaves ranging in size from 300 mL to 10 gallons, a variety of fixed bed tubular reactors, and a collection of Berty reactors. Some of these units are connected to a process control system for automated control and data collection.

In addition, reaction engineering expertise is available within MATRIC to assist in specifying the appropriate reaction parameters.

Project Examples:

  • Construction of catalyst test facility for quick performance validation of heterogeneous catalysts before introduction into commercial operation.
  • Design, construction, and operation of an automated catalyst test unit to examine the effects of reaction conditions on a partial oxidation process.
  • Construction and operation of a continuous catalyst test unit with catalyst recycle to evaluate catalyst performance and life.
  • Preparation of novel heterogeneous catalysts for an oxidation process.
  • Testing novel homogeneous catalysts for an alkoxylation process.
  • Evaluation of heterogeneous hydrogenation catalysts in slurry and fixed-bed operation.
  • Development and operation of a catalytic process using a series of continuous stirred-tank reactors.
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Chemical Catalysis Testing Development Process Improvement

MATRIC is capable of catalysis projects ranging in size from small lab-scale reactions to large pilot scale operations.