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Robert S. Wright

Bob Wright is a Senior Laboratory Technician, responsible for operating a small-scale continuous stirred tank reactor chlorine adsorption project. He joined MATRIC in 2011. Prior to his current role, Mr. Wright was the lead technician on an ethylene-propylene copolymer project. Prior to joining MATRIC, he worked as a plant operator for the Alstom Power [...]

Charles “Chuck” P. Wolfe

Chuck Wolfe is a Master Laboratory Technician, responsible for laboratory operations. He joined MATRIC in 2009 after working for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical for 30 years. Mr. Wolfe has been involved in the design and construction of high and low-pressure reactor systems, the development of analytical methods, and the synthesis of novel highly reactive [...]

James M. (Mike) Walker

Senior Laboratory Technician Mr. Mike Walker has more than 20 years of R&D laboratory experience, having worked with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical in a variety of areas. His project assignments have included sheet molding, injection molding, suspension polymerization, physical properties testing, and a variety of analytical methods. He is currently supporting MATRIC's polymer development [...]

John G. Taylor, Ph.D.

John G. Taylor, Ph.D. SENIOR CHEMIST Taylor joined MATRIC in 2009 as an analytical chemist and has used his 25+ years of expertise in ion chromatography, analytical improvement and R&D and manufacturing process problem solving to assist MATRIC’s customers in reaching their goals. Formerly employed by Union Carbide/Dow and West Point [...]

Stefan Mierau

Steve Mierau has extensive experience and knowledge in the areas of heterogeneous catalysis and process chemistry, gained in more than 30 years with Union Carbide, Dow Chemical and MATRIC. Specific techniques include catalyst preparation and testing, catalyst physical and chemical properties, amination process technology, wet chemical analyses, lab-scale reactor design, fabrication and operation, and gas [...]

Dana L. Jividen

Dana Jividen is a Senior Laboratory Technician, responsible for supporting customer projects in MATRIC Laboratories and Pilot Plants, managing MATRIC's Hydrogen Generator, and serving as a back up Emergency Response Leader. He joined MATRIC in 2010. Prior to joining MATRIC, Mr. Jividen was a Senior Laboratory Technician at Dow Chemical Company and Union Carbide [...]

Michael L. Hutchison

Michael L. Hutchison SENIOR CHEMICAL ENGINEER   Mike Hutchison brings to MATRIC an exceptional background in chemical process design and development gained in more than 40 years of experience with Monsanto, Union Carbide, and Dow Chemical. He has held a variety of positions in process conceptualization and simulation, chemical equipment design, [...]

Kimberly Hayson

Kim Hayson has more than 20 years of experience in manufacturing and laboratory operations. She has been involved in development of new green products and new materials for the coatings industry. She has also worked closely with customers and served as a technical service specialist. Most recently, Kim managed an analytical laboratory and was involved [...]

Michael Hale

Mike Hale is a scientific glassblower with extensive experience in designing and constructing specialized glass articles for laboratory and pilot plant facilities. He has more than 10 years of experience with Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His operation includes a glass lathe, glass saw, annealing oven, multiple torches, and other equipment. Mr. Hale is [...]

Christine Cochran

Christine Cochran has many years of experience as a chemical laboratory technician. She has worked in organic synthesis, pressure reactor systems, zeolite synthesis, pilot scale operations, manipulation of air-sensitive chemicals, and a wide range of analytical techniques. She has also worked in plant support and customer service. Christine Cochran SENIOR LABORATORY TECHNICIAN [...]

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