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Sara E. Bailey

Sara E. Bailey ACCOUNTS PAYABLE AND PAYROLL SPECIALIST II Sara Bailey is an Accounts Payable and Payroll Specialist II, responsible for anything related to accounts payable and everything that relates to payroll. She joined MATRIC in 2012. She has an extensive background in accounting working for her family business [...]

Jennifer Pramuk

Jennifer Pramuk is a GIS Developer II, responsible for Utilizing GIS and automation to achieve innovative solutions. She joined MATRIC in 2022. Prior to joining MATRIC, she worked for TDOT as an Advanced GIS Analyst, Bluebird Geomatics as an Owner/ GIS Analyst, and Wood (formerly Amec Foster Wheeler) as a GIS Analyst. Ms. Pramuk [...]

David Stone

Dave Stone is a Laboratory Technician, responsible for building, operating, and maintaining chemical systems via distillation, closed reactor, or small laboratory set-ups. He joined MATRIC in 2018. Since then, Mr. Stone has worked with MATRIC's analytical group performing titrations, UV and IR analysis, ion chromatography, and analytical method development. Mr. Stone researched and wrote a [...]

Lisa L. Mosrie

Lisa L. Mosrie, CPA, CGMA, is the Controller & Senior Accounting Manager, responsible for overseeing the accounting and finance department, driving continuous improvement through collaboration with cross-functional teams to streamline processes and achieve business and financial objectives. Her vision-driven approach to decision making, strategic planning and tactical implementation equips her to identify and collaboratively [...]

Christel Mize

Christel Mize is the Legal Assistant, responsible for [providing administrative and organizational support for the legal department under the direction of General Counsel, including file organization and preparation for storage, document creation and revision, communication with clients and legal department support. She joined MATRIC in 2021. Prior to joining MATRIC, Ms. Mize was a Legal [...]

Abby Litchfield

Abby Litchfield is a Laboratory Technician. She joined MATRIC in 2017 as a Chemistry Intern. Ms. Litchfield received a bachelor of science degree in Chemistry from West Virginia State University. Abby Litchfield ADVANCED LABORATORY TECHNICIAN Abby Litchfield is an Advanced Laboratory Technician. She joined [...]

Rusty Hodges

Rusty Hodges is a Shipping and Receiving Specialist I and a certified hazmat shipping specialist, responsible for receiving and delivering material throughout MATRIC. He joined MATRIC in 2019. Prior to joining MATRIC, Mr. Hodges was a shipping and receiving warehouse manager at Kureha PGA and a warehouse lead at Dupont. He also worked at [...]

Cynthia Harvey

Cynthia Harvey is the Accounts Receivable Specialist, responsible for the preparation of, communications to, and recording remittance of payments from MATRIC customers. She joined MATRIC in 2014. Prior to joining MATRIC, Ms. Harvey worked as the Assistant Audit Manager at City Holding Company. Ms. Harvey received a bachelor of science degree in accounting from [...]

Steven “Arlo” Cook

Steven “Arlo” Cook is an operations technician, responsible for building Pilot Plant Operational Units, specializing in fixing mechanical equipment, operating Pilot Plants, and optimizing Pilot Plant operations based on data. He joined MATRIC in 2018. Mr. Cook is a First Lieutenant and Aerospace Educator for the West Virginia Civil Air Patrol/Air Force, an FAA [...]

Mike Burgess

Mike Burgess is a principal engineer, responsible for reaction engineering, statistics, and project management. He joined MATRIC in 2018. Before joining MATRIC, his entire career was with Union Carbide / Dow. He began his career in the Separations and Process Fundamentals Skill Center and from there moved to the Reaction Engineering Skill Center. After [...]

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