Rarely has a company received both the ICIS Award for Best Business Innovation and the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award and in the same year. But in 2011, BioAmber Inc. achieved this distinction, an accomplishment that only the Dow Chemical Co. had previously obtained.

The ICIS award recognizes companies that establish outside partnerships which speed product development and efficiency. The Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center is privileged to be one of BioAmber‘s technology partners. MATRIC helped the renewable chemistry company establish a purification process for its production of bio-succinic acid, which is estimated to cut BioAmber’s capital expenditures by one-third and drop its current expenditures by 20 percent.

An alternative to petrochemicals, bio-succinic acid is a more environmentally responsible chemical used in numerous fibers, plastics, and polyurethanes. BioAmber is the only company producing this platform chemical in commercial quantities, a key factor in its winning the EPA’s Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award.