MATRIC’s Innovation Life Cycle
Our people, expertise and facilities form a unique research and development model.

A distinguishing characteristic of the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) is the ability to provide clients value from “concept to commercialization.” Our renowned staff support new processes and technologies from initial laboratory scales to pilot plant and demonstration scales, and they provide engineering support for production levels. This innovation life cycle is made possible through our unique business model, facilities and highly qualified team.

Business Model

MATRIC’s business model and organization was created to enable the implementation of ideas to the marketplace. Our Chemical, Energy and Environmental Technologies group performs economically focused bench level process and product creation and research. It is through this work that new chemistries, reactions and processes are envisioned and proven at small scales.

At the other end of the life cycle is full scale design and engineering, which can be delivered by Mid-Atlantic Technical Engineering (MATE), our wholly owned engineering and design firm. MATE can perform or assist with full scale engineering, procurement and construction efforts. Finally, MATRIC has a broad range of commercialization experience having started a dozen of its own new ventures based upon MATRIC created technologies and processes.


MATRIC’s headquarters at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park provides access to superb lab facilities and equipment. It was in this park that Union Carbide and Dow piloted many new chemical products and processes. This unique site allows MATRIC to provide adaptable pilot-scale facilities for customer projects.

Qualified Team

Another great asset both for MATRIC and its customers is our highly experienced team of Ph.D. level scientists and engineers, who have collectively spent hundreds of years improving existing processes, developing new molecules and creating new processes to derive valuable products. Many members of the MATRIC team have created, piloted and launched technologies for their entire careers.

For those organizations looking to create new products or scale up new processes in the chemical, energy and environmental technology fields, MATRIC has the experience and capabilities to help move ideas from initial concept to commercialization.

For more information contact Duane Dombek, Ph.D., MATRIC’s director of product and process R&D.