Experience is an important component at Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center, and Charles “Chuck” Moyers, Ph.D., is a noteworthy example of MATRIC’s depth of knowledge. He is a Fellow of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers and an internationally recognized expert in operations including solution and melt crystallization, drying, and liquid/solid separation.

In his 35-year career with Union Carbide Corp., he managed engineering and R&D functions for a variety of assignments, primarily in chemical process design, new product development and separations/process fundamentals.

He is currently supporting several MATRIC projects involving solids processing. As an example, Moyers led a project for the Iowa Corn Promotion Board, which required development of reaction technology that converted a biobased raw material into crude isosorbide. Crystallization techniques were used to recover and purify the isosorbide, which is used to produce polymers and other industrial products.

Several factors influenced his decision to join MATRIC in 2005, including access to equipment, technicians, and pilot plants that allowed him to work on projects that he could not have fulfilled independently. According to Moyers, he appreciates the challenge of experimentation, working with customers to create marketable products, and the flexibility of providing outsourced process development.

The author of several textbooks on crystallization and solids processing, Moyers also serves as a mentor to early and mid-career staff at MATRIC.