Several service areas have been identified as having potentially positive impacts for businesses in West Virginia, including:

  •  Oil and gas related activities including enhanced oil recovery (EOR) using ethane for re-pressurization of former oil-producing reservoirs, CO2 flooding and ethane storage.
  • Coal mining environmental impact and safety related issues including methane removal using horizontal drilling methods, valley fill layering design to reduce contaminant discharge, and acid mine drainage mitigation.
  • Existing industrial property footprint reduction by providing clean-parcel determinations using the Dynamic Characterization Strategy methodology.

Director of Environmental Services and Professional Geologist, Kenneth M. Skinner will be meeting with governmental and industry representatives to outline MATRIC’s proposals for remediation and cost-effective environmental processes that can be adapted for use in the oil, gas and coal industries to solve long-term environmental issues and provide guidance on best practice cutting-edge extraction methods.

Skinner has more than thirty (30) years experience in the oil, gas and remediation industries with such company leaders as Phillips Petroleum, Hunt Oil Corporation and Bechtel Jacobs.  He is co-author of the Dynamic Characterization Strategy methodology for the characterization of soil and groundwater contaminants at complex industrial and federal DOE sites.  The dynamic aspect of the program allows for revisions and additions to the sampling program as work is completed and observations are made in the field.  This methodology is accepted by the regulatory community.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, please contact Ken Skinner at 800/611-2296 x844.