MATRIC, working closely with a technically sophisticated client, developed a highly energy efficient reactive absorption/desorption process for the removal of environmental contaminants from stack gases. After the client proved the basic reactive absorption/desorption concept with batch tests in lab glassware, MATRIC first demonstrated the key features of the process in simple and inexpensive bench scale equipment.  Later, MATRIC constructed a complete pilot unit (walk-in hood scale) completely simulating the envisioned process including the recycle streams.  The pilot unit was used to complete the process development, for optimization of parameters and operating conditions, and to obtain scale-up data.  Additionally, the pilot unit ran 24/7 largely unattended for extended periods to prove the life of the reactive solvent and to address certain other critical issues associated with long-term operation.  MATRIC supported the detailed design of the first commercial unit, and provided key technical support during startup and initial operations.  The first commercial unit continues to successfully meet the design targets, and a second commercial unit of much larger scale is currently in the design phase.

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