One of the companies most influential in MATRIC’s growth over its lifetime has been BioAmber. Correspondingly, MATRIC has played a significant role in helping BioAmber grow from a very small organization to an increasingly self-sufficient commercial operation. MATRIC’s contributions have included novel process concepts, laboratory proof of concept, pilot-scale demonstration, and engineering design. Although most of MATRIC’s staff have supported BioAmber projects at some level, we want to recognize those who have been most involved. Over the past four years, these MATRIC and MATE staff members have each logged more than 2,000 hours on BioAmber projects:

Brooke Albin  |  Christine Cochran  |  Larry Dixon  |  Kevin Elkins
Bill Etzkorn  |  David Fisher Stan Fruchey Brian Keen
Chuck Moyers  |  Ramona Neal Jeremy Rader Kevin Roy
Jim Withrow Rick Zitzelberger

2012 Pilot Plant Project

MATRIC has been a key partner of this customer as they advance toward commercialization of their technology. A significant milestone for MATRIC was the installation and operation of our first pilot plant in Building 771, which was designed and constructed for this project. This activity was completed on schedule and well under budget, which resulted in a significant financial advantage for both the customer and MATRIC. Although he was not as involved as some others in the actual pilot plant construction, we want to recognize Lou Kapicak’s critical role in this activity. Without his early stage lab work and process development contributions, which developed our credibility with the customer, we would not have had the pilot plant opportunity to begin with. We want to recognize the team involved, and in particular, those who worked more than 150 hours on the construction and first run of this unit:

Larry Dixon Kim Hayson  |  Quinton Johnson  |  Lou Kapicak
David King  |  Art Lucas Jeremy Lucas  |  John Matheny
Jeremy Rader