Over 1,000 participants recently traveled to Louisville, Ky., for the biennial North American Catalysis Society Meeting, which convenes scientific leaders in the field’s research and development community from across the continent.

The event was sponsored by a large community of industry and institutional supporters, which included a contribution from MATRIC | Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center and the efforts of its Senior Research Scientist Madan Bhasin, Ph.D., who served as one the meeting’s organizing chairpersons.

Bhasin, a member of the National Academy of Engineering, is one of the reasons MATRIC is able to offer uncommon expertise as well as state-of-the-art infrastructure for discovery, development, scale-up, and commercial production of heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts—for both batch and continuous processes. This combination of know-how and facilities allows MATRIC customers to accelerate technology development and mitigate risks.