Dr. John P. “Jack” Dever recently joined the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) team, as senior project manager. He previously worked for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical Co. in West Virginia, Louisiana, and Canada, most recently as director of technology development.

In addition to working as a research scientist and production manager, he is also an experienced global technical and organizational leader, and will manage critical projects at MATRIC. Dever earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees from West Virginia University and a Ph.D. from Notre Dame University, all in chemical engineering. We’re pleased to welcome Jack and his family back to the Mountain State.

Dr. Eric King, a Kanawha Valley native, has also joined MATRIC, as an organic chemist. His background includes participation in the Governor’s Internship Program with the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection and work experience as both laboratory engineer and surface mine remediation engineer. King earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry at West Virginia University and a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Ohio State University.

Eric is one of several outstanding West Virginia students that have “come home” to work in their advanced fields of study, and MATRIC is glad to provide opportunities for such talented graduates.