MATRIC to Present Pilot Plant Safety Overview

There are many safety considerations to account for at the pilot plant development scale, and MATRIC | Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center’s team has significant experience in this discipline. Attendees of the 2013 American Chemical Society Spring National Meeting in New Orleans are welcomed to the following presentation by our Safety Engineer Michael Boyd, M.S.


Session Description:

Integrating Safety Into Technology Commercialization for Pilot Plant Scale-Up

April 9, 9:50 a.m., Room 229, Morial Convention Center, New Orleans

Pilot Plant Safety

MATRIC Small Pilot Plant – Safety

Moving from the laboratory to a pilot plant is a major milestone in commercializing novel chemical processes or products and introduces a new degree of risk. Understanding the purpose for piloting the technology, as well as schedule and costs are important considerations in the technology development. However, the impact of a safety event at the pilot plant scale can have serious repercussions to the technology development, especially costs and timing. It is important to involve individuals with diverse perspectives and experience to effectively evaluate the design and enable safe operating performance. By understanding the purpose and scope of the pilot operations, the inherent hazards, and expertise required, a systems safety approach can be developed that balances the hazards and consequences and guides the appropriate selection of safety review activities and tools. A well thought-out safety program will support all technical and business objectives in the technology development cycle.