SGA Polymers, LLC was formed as a spin-off from MATRIC in August, 2010 with the specific mission of developing and commercializing technology invented for conversion of lactic acid to acrylic acid using renewable raw materials. Currently all acrylic acid is produced from petroleum through propylene. In the world market, only large petroleum-based acrylic acid plants (200MM pounds/yr) have proven to be economical.

The SGA BioAcrylic Process converts lactic acid (produced from carbohydrates) into acrylic acid. In laboratory scale operations, the process produces acrylic acid in high yields.  Patents have been filed and initial process design and economic assessments have been completed. The SGA model has been validated as economically very competitive with the petroleum-based (propylene) route to acrylic acid. The process produces lower levels of byproducts than the petrochemical models and an SGA production unit will require 50% less capital investment than a propylene unit.

The SGA cost advantage is maintained over a wide range of plant sizes from small to large.  Developing markets cannot initially sustain large scale plants, thus making it difficult or impossible to build acrylic capacity in locations such as Brazil and India. The SGA technology will have the greatest advantage in specific situations.

  • Regions where acrylic acid is currently being imported.
  • Locations where a smaller scale production facility is applicable.
  • Situations where local low cost renewable resources positively impact economics.

The combination of these issues and trends creates a unique opportunity – especially in Brazil, India, Australia and China, where acrylic capacity is needed.

Because the SGA Bioacrylic Process uses only renewable raw materials, any resultant products produced can be marketed as “green”. With expanding consumer demand for “green” products and with the demand for acrylic acid increasing worldwide, SGA Polymers is poised to have a global economic impact.


For more information about SGA and possible investment opportunities, contact T. Mike Wood at or 800/611-2296 x 823.

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