Scientific Glassblowing - MATRICMATRIC is known for its uncommon expertise in science and technology, and scientific glassblowing is no different. Sometimes you need a specific tool for a specific application, and MATRIC has the expertise to not only create it, but also create it in under 24 hours.

Full range glassblowing services are available, from simple repairs or an addition to an existing component, to complex apparatuses, such as a condenser. The process can take as little as a few hours or as long as a full day, depending on the complexity.

“One of our engineers will explain a process or problem to me, and together we determine the specific need,” said Mike Hale, MATRIC scientific glassblower since 2007. “Many times, the tools we need are not commonly available for purchase, and that’s when we create it on site.”

While he primarily supports MATRIC and its customers, Mike is able to assist other organizations in need of his expertise. His experience is extensive, and so is his lab, which consists of a glass lathe, glass saw, annealing oven, multiple torches, and other equipment.

But for Mike, it’s not just about the science: it’s a family tradition. Mike, who worked at Dow for nearly 15 years before MATRIC, was trained by his father, a scientific glassblower at Union Carbide for more than two decades.

— For more information on scientific glassblowing, contact Mike Hale at (800) 611-2296 x 826 or by email at