matric_622-pick2When Stephen Portillo graduated from West Virginia University with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, he wasn’t thinking about becoming an electrician. Fifteen years later, he has a journeyman electrician certification and finds himself working at MATRIC as an electrical and instrument technician.

But Portillo isn’t your typical industrial electrician. He helps to build pilot plants from scratch, calibrates Brooks valves, and supports the electrical needs of MATRIC’s unique infrastructure.

After doing electrical work for nearly every industry, including military and gas, he finds there is very little he can’t do. For example, he did the electrical work on a Virginia Class submarine. “When we need a new or replacement piece of equipment for a lab or a pilot plant, many times I can quickly make it from scratch versus spending thousands of dollars and waiting days or weeks for the new part to arrive,” Portillo explains.

“Working at MATRIC alongside some of the world’s smartest and most talented people is a true honor,” he said, noting that he drives an hour each way to work each day. “I’m not only proud to say that I live in the region where this type of innovation flourishes, but I’m proud to work alongside these impressive men and women each day.”

Valves aren’t the only things he makes; he also makes music! When he’s not at work, Portillo spends his time playing his guitar and bass. He also loves to spend time with his nine year-old son, participating in 3-Gun exhibitions.