Hippler at Relay Cabinet Jeff Hippler joined MATRIC in 2014 as a Senior Chemical Engineer, overseeing the execution of various projects in the lab. Before this role, he spent 30 years in the chemical industry working with control systems to simplify his work. These systems watch temperatures, speed and pressures – and automatically adjust accordingly – to ensure that experiments, scale-ups and full-scale manufacturing projects perform as intended.

Today, he works day in and day out to help MATRIC’s clients invent new things and solve the toughest of problems in the areas of science and technology.

Jeff has more than a dozen patents to his name, and he has set corporate standards at previous employers for control systems for multi-million dollar equipment. But at MATRIC, he’s still exploring new territory. “That’s what I like most about working at MATRIC,” Jeff said. “I’ve been in the industry for three decades, but every day I get to do things I’ve never done before.”

In fact, everything that he is working on is top-secret, but they all have two things in common. First, he approaches every project with the same question: Can it be done safely, technically and economically? Second, these projects can take years to complete. (He’s working on a project now that won’t be complete until 2020 or 2021!)

This discipline in work carries over into his personal life. Jeff has been an avid yoga practitioner for 25 years. He been instructing for more than a decade and currently teaches classes at Lifespring Yoga in Charleston. He has also occasionally led classes at MATRIC for employees.

“There are no politics. At MATRIC, it’s all about the work…about the customers,” Jeff continued. “I have the opportunity to work with a high quality group of people all going in the same direction. These people are the best of the best.”

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