Rader copyA licensed professional engineer (P.E.), Jeremy Rader is the company’s control systems and electrical engineering supervisor. And while he has formal training, much of what he does he taught himself.

Rader, who joined MATRIC in 2006, oversees technicians for pilot plant operations, but he also helps build pilot plants, run pilot plants, as well as solve instrument, technical or electronic issues.

“Teaching myself to build and fix things is part of my DNA,” Jeremy said. “For example, with continuous analytical sampling of process streams, we wanted the sampling valves to switch process streams in a certain pattern or time frame.  Most people – or companies — buy software to do this. Instead, I decided to build it. It’s more custom to what MATRIC needs versus what a generic version might be able to provide.”

From fixing broken toys and washing machines, to building golf clubs, Jeremy tends to find his own solutions. And this type of mentality and skillset must run in the family. Jeremy’s three-year-old son is already taking things apart just to put them back together again.

“While there’s something gratifying about being able to do things yourself, it’s also fun to be able to help others learn.” He’s referring to the three undergraduate students currently interning at MATRIC this summer as part of MATRIC University. “Helping to guide the next generation of engineers is incredibly rewarding…and it’s a lot of fun, too!”

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