Hurricane_SMMATRIC (Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center) celebrates its third year as a partner of The Challenge Program, a nonprofit organization designed to provide high school students with incentives to succeed, motivating them to excel in and out of the classroom.

TCP’s mission is aligned with MATRIC’s core values, as the development of talent – especially in the areas of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) – is crucial, as MATRIC’s future livelihood relies on it. MATRIC comprises nearly 100 people, most of which have certifications, undergraduate, graduate and Ph.D. degrees in the STEM fields.

“Our involvement in The Challenge Program is truly a win-win,” said Greg Clutter, Chief Operating Officer, MATRIC. “The students are incentivized to work hard and to pursue a successful future, and we’re able to support the educational community in fostering the talent of our great region.”

Not only does MATRIC support TCP from a monetary perspective, but also the company’s employees volunteer both their time and talent to the local schools.

“The Academic Excellence Scholarship will help take care of my upcoming college expenses. I hope MATRIC continues its interest in the futures of students like me,” said one Hurricane High School senior and award recipient.

To learn more about The Challenge Program, click here.

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Photo Caption: (Right) Greg Clutter, MATRC Chief Operating Officer, participates in the award assembly at Hurricane High School in Hurricane, W.Va., on October 10, 2014.