MATRIC chemist Dr. Eric King has led a number of research projects for our customers, including catalyst testing and product analysis. Now, Dr. King is also helping to guide the next generation of chemists and professionals.

Dr. King was recently selected to mentor a candidate that applied for the Ohio State University Buckeye Leadership Fellows (BLF) program. The program builds, in partnership with alumni and community leaders, unique transformative experiences for undergraduate students so they can achieve a competitive advantage in their post-graduate pursuits and remain deeply connected to the university.

Having earned his Ph.D. in organic chemistry at The Ohio State University, Dr. King will serve to enhance the experience of others at his alma matter. As part of his mentor role, he will work to provide real world experiences which challenge his Fellow mentee to build capacity, develop character, strengthen confidence and refine purpose.

“Each day at MATRIC, Dr. King serves as an outstanding resource to our customers,” said Greg Clutter, MATRIC Chief Operating Officer. “Dr. King’s technical and professional knowledge base is an excellent addition to the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program. We are thrilled he will share his expertise and guidance with an aspiring scientist.”

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