MATRIC CEO Keith Pauley prepares to address students at G.W. High School as The Challenge Program’s Mary Dreliszak discusses the importance of attendance.

In our fields of expertise, knowledge of science, mathematics and technology is necessary. Developing these skill sets require education, the critical component that facilitates informed experimentation and discovery.

With this in mind, MATRIC Research is pleased to support The Challenge Program, a nonprofit organization designed to provide high school students with incentives to succeed, motivating them to excel both in and out of the classroom.

During an orientation assembly today at George Washington High, we announced our academic partnership with TCP and the school. This alliance intends to create good habits in students and positively impact our community.

After the school year is completed, 12 students in the sophomore, junior, and senior classes who excel in the areas of Attendance, Academic Excellence, Academic Improvement, and Community Service will each receive an award in the amount of $250 for their efforts.

Thanks to The Challenge Program for their worthwhile initiative. And to the students, best wishes. The principles and work habits you’re acquiring are bound to impact the future.

Learn more about the initiative in this article from the Charleston Daily Mail.