MATRIC Research Scientist Nye Clinton, Ph.D., demonstrates the reaction of isosorbide for NYSC delegates.

As part of West Virginia’s Centennial celebration in 1963, supporters of science education in West Virginia envisioned a month-long summer experience for talented high school seniors from across the nation. The National Youth Science Camp was then established to expose these future scientists to exciting technology breakthroughs and forward-thinking researchers. This network of resources and contacts has helped thousands of students prepare for their college experience and careers. It is a tribute to the original vision that the NYSC is still going strong after 50 years!

For the past seven years, MATRIC | Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center has hosted these groups of 100 or more students for the NYSC kickoff event at its location in the West Virginia Regional Technology Park. Following the example of Union Carbide/Dow Chemical, the previous hosts, MATRIC provides lectures and demonstrations of technology development.

Students get to experience first-hand the atmosphere of operating research laboratories and pilot plants, with ten demonstrations presented. “The location and volume of work performed by MATRIC offers our delegates a thorough glimpse at applied science,” according to NYSC Director Desiree Hendrickson.

Alan Hatlestad of Casper, Wyo., said the diversity of work he observed was noteworthy and he was glad to meet several of the company’s chemical engineers. “I was impressed to see how chemistry can be transferred into the real world,” added Jenny Minten, from Scio, Ore.

Special thanks to Kanawha Valley Community & Technical College, which provided meeting space and offered delegates a look at their allied health labs. ALS Labratory Group provided environmental lab testing demonstrations.