MATRIC is on the Move

A small group of big thinkers can have a significant impact. Take for example the formation of MATRIC | Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center. Created during a local economic downturn in 2003, its founders recognized the opportunity to retain specialized workers, many of whom had been displaced during the move of a multinational corporation.

Since that time MATRIC has established a solid foundation of scientists, engineers and technicians; it is now equipped with over 100 employees and an expanded physical infrastructure of laboratories and pilot plants within the West Virginia Regional Technology Park. The company’s work has received national recognition, such as the EPA’s 2011 Presidential Green Chemistry Award.

‘Helping Customers Win’

MATRIC’s success has been defined by its ability to deliver market-driven innovation for a national customer base requiring timely solutions. Steve Hedrick, who started as the new chief executive in February 2013, believes MATRIC’s growth will correspond with the continued success of customer initiatives, which will require the company to diligently refine and implement best practices.

“We enjoy helping customers win. MATRIC provides them with a competitive advantage, because our specialized knowledge, experience and facilities provide a combination of resources that enable rapid and safe innovation,” according to Hedrick. “But this makes it necessary for us to review and improve our focus on how to best achieve practical outcomes for customers.”

Over the next several weeks, MATRIC will incrementally release some of its refined collective thinking. We’ll share a look at our path forward and foreshadow MATRIC’s official 10-year anniversary celebration, which will be held in October.

Let us start by providing our renewed Vision Statement:

  • To be recognized as the strategic innovation partner of choice for customers where science and technology provide competitive advantage.

A clear message that we hope communicates our continued readiness to serve the marketplace.