www.matricinnovates.com screen shot

In an effort to improve chemical-catalyst-catalyst-testing-chemical-catalyst-chemical-pilot-plant-demonstration-plant-solids-processing-chemical-separations and strengthen its brand, MATRIC | Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center has established a new website and logo.

We have established a new website and URL at www.matricinnovates.com, which is a domain name reflective of MATRIC’s primary service: assisting customers with innovation in breakthrough technologies and product /process improvements.

With this in mind, the “building blocks” of MATRIC’s new logo represent the stages of product and process development:

  • Discovery
  • Development and Design
  • Deployment

The new site has been designed to better highlight the company’s infrastructure, service offerings, technical staff and key contacts. The site’s makeup also includes a blog where the latest MATRIC news is published. Additionally, MATRIC’s Twitter, LinkedIn and Constant Contact accounts have been integrated, so visitors can follow the company’s latest happenings via social media and e-newsletter.

Please take some time to review this new material and provide feedback below on what works and what could use improvement.