MATRIC Scientist Nye Clinton, Ph.D., Conducts a Lab Demonstration for National Youth Science Campers

Operations at the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center are encompassed by a range of complex tasks, which require various skill sets and a solid educational foundation.

Therefore MATRIC is glad to cooperate with various academic initiatives. Over the last several weeks, we have hosted over 100 students from the National Youth Science Camp, welcomed representatives of the Charleston Area Alliance’s Educator | Industry Institute, and met officials from West Virginia University’s Eberly College of Arts and Sciences.

“MATRIC’s willingness to introduce visiting students to its research activities and accomplishments is commendable. The tour is a fitting start to the NYSC program, which encourages its participants to pursue education and careers in STEM fields,” said Andrew Blackwood, executive director of the National Youth Science Foundation.

The E | II program was designed to provide educators further insight into local industries and associated jobs. Cullen Naumoff, who coordinated the effort, indicated: “Our visit helped educators see innovation in action. They gained a better understanding of how MATRIC combines ideas and research to commercialize products.”

WVU Eberly College of Arts and Sciences Dean Robert Jones commented that he was most impressed with MATRIC’s “focus on finding solutions that enable industries to advance, which multiplies the state’s business capacity.”