2012 STAR Employee

One of MATRIC’s strong advantages in chemical R&D work is having our own scientific glassblower. Mike Hale has the well-earned reputation of being able to make almost any piece of specialty glassware needed for our projects. He also has an excellent relationship with glassware vendors and has many times helped specify and acquire special equipment needed, with low cost and quick delivery.  Just during the past year, he has made major contributions to a number of significant projects.

In addition to his glass work, Mike is frequently called on for help on a variety of crafts. He is always willing to help and do anything he can to keep our lab and pilot facilities functional and efficient. Mike goes above and beyond to assist co-workers, customers and vendors, whatever the request.  His attitude exemplifies teamwork and professionalism.  For his many contributions to the MATRIC enterprise, we recognize Mike Hale as a 2012 Star Employee.

2012 STAR Board Member

This MATRIC STAR Board Member was among the original members of the MATRIC Board and has been a consistent face and contributor in multiple MATRIC activities — very often on incredibly short notice.  Bill Goode is not only a member of the MATRIC Board, but also of the MATRIC Executive Committee, the MAH Board of Directors and represents MAH on the boards of two MAH start-up companies.  He currently serves as a board member of SGA Polymers and Liberty Hydro.  He also served on the recent CEO selection committee.  He has brought great input and value to these activities and has served many, many hours with a smile and demeanor that only he can bring.  Because of his consistent dedication to our community and to the mission and people of MATRIC, we honor Bill Goode as the 2012 STAR Board Member.