Screen Shot 2014-02-25 at 7.03.24 AMEnergy Data eXchange (EDX) is the National Energy Technology Laboratory’s (NETL) online system for accessing reliable information and data relevant to fossil energy research within NETL portfolios. MATRIC joined the EDX team in October 2012 as the primary developer and implemented a customized solution utilizing the CKAN open-source data portal platform. The initial CKAN-based EDX system became available in April 2013 and the updated 2.6 version was just released earlier this month.

Efficient research is driven by timely access to data and information, the ability to share and coordinate with collaborators, and the ability to disseminate and share the results of work products over time[1]. EDX allows users to

  • organize data in both public and private platforms
  • maintain project continuity
  • coordinate private and data-driven products in support of science-based decision making
  • ensure timely dissemination of key data-driven products (reports, datasets, presentations, etc.)

MATRIC, working as a subcontractor of the URS Corporation for this project, has collaborated with Sextant Technical Services and numerous NETL key players in the development of EDX. Kelly Rose, the EDX Coordinator from NETL’s Office of Research and Development, says, “It’s been great working with this team to pull together a first class system to meet the energy research communities’ collaboration needs”.

MATRIC’s support of the EDX project includes providing expertise in multiple disciplines, including design and development of software; databases; geographical information system (GIS) solutions; server infrastructures; and web interfaces.

MATRIC’s employees have the expertise to provide NETL and our clients with the speed necessary to compete in today’s market. Our capabilities are large enough to deliver diverse market offerings, but we remain small enough to know that our successes are defined through partnering with our customers and truly knowing and exceeding their expectations.

— For more information on MATRIC’s advanced software technologies, please contact Mark Dehlin.