Dana pic matric_546-pick2Do you ever wonder how science actually works? How an idea goes from an idea to a reality? MATRIC has more than 15 laboratory technicians and operators who bring science to life – literally. These men and women are core to MATRIC’s advantage in the marketplace, because they take an idea – a concept – and they figure out a way to use science to make it a reality, and – more importantly – they are able to generate great results for our clients around the world.

Name: Dana Jividen

Title: Senior Lab Technician

Years of experience: 28

Location: South Charleston, WV

Education: West Virginia State University

Describe your role at MATRIC:

I help our engineers design apparatuses to complete experiments. I’ll assemble the apparatus, mix materials that feed into it, operate it, gather the data and collect samples. I’ll then work with our analytics team. In R&D nothing is ever certain, so many times we modify and try it again.

What does a typical day look like for you?

There really isn’t a typical day for me. But generally I’ll come into the office and quickly check my email. I’ll head into the lab to begin mixing solutions and start-up processes (such as heat up and pressure up). Data collection isn’t far behind. I usually know what my daily plan is before I come into work each day. For example, I might be making a series of runs altering a different facet each day.

Working in the lab is really a lot of fun. It’s also nice to be on my feet moving around. Most days I get 10,000 steps before I leave for the day. (Yes, I wear a FitBit!)

What is your favorite thing about working at MATRIC?

It’s definitely the people. It’s a really cool group of people. Sometimes it’s hard to explain, but the people here are a better cut than you would get in a cross section of jobs. Also, everyone is there for everyone. We have each others’ backs. I’m proud to work at MATRIC every day!

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