While most of us are familiar with the most common Geographic Information Systems (GIS) application “Google Earth”, few of us
realize the impact that targeted GIS applications can have on everyday events.  Fewer still are aware that some software companies specialize in applications dedicated to the manipulation of GIS data for decision-making purposes.

One such company is the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI) based in Redlands, California.  Indeed, ESRI’s ArcGIS software has become the industry standard for application development using GIS information.  At this year’s ESRI International Users Conference more than 14,000 participants from across the globe gathered to learn the latest developments in geo-spatial data compilation, techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement, spatial analysis and mapping.

Vic Baker of MATRIC’s Advanced Systems Technologies Division delivered two invited presentations, one at the ESRI International User’s Conference and one at the concurrent ESRI Homeland Security Summit.

Baker’s two presentations, “West Virginia Common Operating Picture (WVCOP)” and “Modeling & Simulation Capability for Resource Consumption and Consequence Management”, showcase the AST team’s  expertise, and were touted by ESRI as
demonstrating extraordinary innovation in combining GIS with modeling and simulation.

The WVCOP, in its 4th operational release, provides real-time access to critical information, through custom web-accessible alert
and analytical tools, reducing emergency response time and improving coordination efforts.  The system enables statewide access to information sharing and coordination between senior leadership, the National Guard, emergency first responders, law enforcement agencies and the general public.

The “Modeling & Simulation Capability for Resource Consumption and Consequence Management” system allows emergency planners to design and run dynamic “what-if” gaming simulations depicting the impacts upon critical infrastructure and resource consumption during a large-scale mass evacuation or a natural disaster.

ESRI technical and sales staff were amazed at the cutting-edge variation, speed and scope of the applications.  Various statements from the team included:  “I’ve seen a lot of things, but nothing quite like this!”  “How did you do this (with our underlying software)?”  “I’m not sure who your competition is, if any.”  Perhaps the most important statement was made by ESRI National Public Safety Sales Manager Nate Johnson: “… you have saved lives!”

MATRIC was subsequently invited to deliver a presentation on its applications to ESRI’s national sales team.

Since the conference, MATRIC has received national and international interest from such varied customers as the State of Washington, The City of Brisbane Australia, and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.  MATRIC is an ESRI Certified Business Partner.

MATRIC would like to acknowledge our teaming partners Azimuth Incorporated, Abacus Technology Corporation, MountainTop Technologies Incorporated, System of Systems Security Consortium (SOSSEC), Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Center (ARDEC), WV Division of Military Affairs and Public Safety (WVDMAPS), and the WV National Guard for their collaboration on these efforts.”

For more information on these capabilities visit www.pnsic.com and www.MassEvacSim.com.