flameThe buzz around natural gas never seems to end. From the American Chemistry Council’s response in September to the IHS report to The Wall Street Journal’s story on October 25th.  Natural gas is poising American manufacturing for a renaissance. But how do we best prepare for this renaissance…for the future?

Henry Ford II may have the answer. He was the oldest grandson of Henry Ford.  Over many years, he served as president, chairman and CEO of the Ford Motor Company. He summed up the future and how we need to prepare for it in just a few words.  He said,

“Nobody can really guarantee the future… The best we can do is size up the chances… calculate the risks involved… estimate our ability to deal with them and then make our plans with confidence.”

While he was talking about the automotive industry, his perspective on the future relates to our outlook on the future of America’s industrial base, which truly is at a turning point. Access to vast, new supplies of natural gas from shale deposits is one of the most dramatic domestic energy developments in the last 50 years.

The economics of shale gas not only create a competitive advantage for U.S. petrochemical manufacturers, but also lead to greater U.S. investment and industrial growth, which leads to new investment, jobs, wages and tax revenue for the U.S.

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