Although manufacturing in the United States may not be producing at the same level it once did, various factors are converging and several downturned industries appear poised to resurge.

During the 2013 West Virginia Business Summit, panelists will discuss “The Future of Manufacturing in West Virginia,” 1:30 p.m., Aug. 28 at The Greenbrier.  The discussion will focus on efforts to bolster industry in the Mountain State, but the conversation will also feature insights that can be applied regionally throughout the country.

Participants will expound upon the intersection of business investment, burgeoning natural gas resource supplies, market demands, government action and higher education. How can the United States retain its innovation advantages? What are the top barriers to accelerating manufacturing in the U.S.? How can we ensure safe and responsible development? These and other questions will be explored.


  • Greg Babe, President and CEO of LiquidX
  • Jim Clements, President of West Virginia University
  • Marty Durbin, President and CEO of America’s Natural Gas Alliance
  • Mark Hager, Government Affairs, Williams Company


  • Steve Hedrick, CEO, MATRIC | Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center