yoga-mat-green-1Health and safety are part of each and every thing that MATRIC does. It extends beyond a normal work day, with many MATRICians practicing healthy food consumption, exercise and lifestyle habits on their own time. Recently, a group of MATRICians who are personally dedicated to their own health and the health of their communities, saw an opportunity to provide MATRIC employees with some additional support to make healthy choices.

In 2014, thanks to the leadership of a few passionate employees, MATRIC began offering yoga and aerobics classes at the So. Charleston facility. Each week, there are three classes available around lunchtime. Twice each week, 20-minute yoga classes are available and led by Jeffrey Hippler, Ph.D., MATRIC chemical engineer. In addition, Christine Aubry-Cochran, MATRIC laboratory technician, offers 30-minute aerobics classes once each week. Both volunteer their time to give employees opportunities to exercise during the work day. The classes, which have between six and 12 participants, are intended to be a complement to employees’ own personal wellness programs, not a substitute for them.

Cochran and Hippler not only lead classes at MATRIC, but also lead aerobics and yoga classes in other venues around the region.

Michael Boyd, MATRIC’s head of health, safety, environment and security knows all too well the importance of a safe and healthy workforce. “Exercising leads to more energy, and more energy leads to improved productivity, focus, and, ultimately, a safer and healthier workplace.” said Boyd. “Personally, I feel better throughout the day after exercising that extra 20 minutes.”

In addition to the classes, and in an effort to keep wellness top of mind, all employees receive a “wellness thought of the week” from Cochran.

“A sound body helps lead to a sound mind,” said Greg Clutter, MATRIC chief operating officer. “At MATRIC, safety is our top priority, and that doesn’t just mean on the job. It also means the health and well-being of all of our employees while they’re here and while they’re at home.”

— For more information on MATRIC’s health and wellness initiatives, contact Michael Boyd.