Nunley PicWhen Rob Nunley isn’t working at MATRIC, he’s probably chasing around his teenagers, fly-fishing, woodworking, or working on any of a number of DIY projects around his house. A father of two, Nunley is a pilot plant manager at MATRIC, a role he’s held since 2013. He’s responsible for working with clients to ensure their pilot plant needs are understood and helping them to understand what is needed in the piloting stage to best meet those needs.

Rob also works to ensure that all pilot plant operations have the resources they need and that they meet or exceed all safety and environmental regulations. In addition, he oversees the construction and operations of pilot plants in MATRIC’s facilities and the build-out of skid units for shipment to customer locations. It’s a big job, and not one that that company takes lightly. Nunley has more than 20 years of engineering experience in the chemical industry with a broad background spanning multiple functions including: process design and development, manufacturing and project techno-economic-chemical-design-technology-improvement. Additionally, he has a great team of technicians and engineers in the pilot plant area to rely on.

For Rob, working at MATRIC has been a great experience and wonderful opportunity on both a professional and personal level.

“One of the great things about working at MATRIC is that no two days are the same,” Nunley explained. On any given day he meets with clients, builds proposals, manages his team, and ensures the pilot plants are running properly. “It’s also a great place to work on a variety of technologies and challenges. You don’t know what a client is going to walk through the door with next.” While many people might find that intimidating, Rob feels that he and his colleagues at MATRIC thrive on it. “It’s a fantastic place to work,” he continued. “Management here is friendly and supportive. They want you to, and they help you, succeed. It’s a real ‘can-do’ culture here.”

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