Sustainability in Production

Many responsible companies are seeking ways to reduce environmental impacts through sustainability efforts. Often, sustainability practices are viewed largely from the vantage point of minimizing post-production waste “at the end of a pipe.”

Although good corporate citizens are globally focused in sustainability, these efforts are frequently seen as adding additional costs within the production process, rather than an opportunity to create meaningful value for an enterprise, while protecting the community and the environment.

Waste within a process can take many forms and be caused by many factors such as high energy usage, low product yields, and ineffective recycle and reuse. Process and system innovation can reduce the volume of required inputs and lower production costs. Product innovation can even improve product performance. Thereby, market-driven innovation can create true, competitive advantage that is not only sustainable from a traditional financial and market standpoint, but also embraces the tenets of sustainability and environmental stewardship. In the long run, those companies that do both simultaneously will be the market winners.

With MATRIC as a strategic innovation partner, enterprises can access our uncommon expertise and infrastructure to achieve:

  • Improved catalysts or catalyst performance
  • Better separations techniques and efficiency
  • More efficient reactions through process design
  • Improved product recycle
  • Increased energy reuse, recycle and efficiency
  • Improved waste treatment and recycle
  • New routes to products through more environmentally benign feedstocks
  • New process and product development with a goal of enhanced sustainability.

For more information, contact Duane Dombek, Ph.D., MATRIC’s director of product and process R&D.