Economic development and advancement are cornerstones of the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center’s (MATRIC) mission, and our work environment at the West Virginia Regional Technology Park is an essential component of business growth throughout our region.

Phil Halstead, the technology park’s executive director, describes the site as “one of the top economic development projects in the whole United States,” noting the unique pilot plant facilities and ideal locale, in addition to recent federal, state, and private investments to better and expand the campus.

Since 2004, the park’s office space, laboratories and pilot plants have helped us expand product lines and refine processes for companies across the world.

We appreciate Halstead’s vision for the technology park’s future, and MATRIC is pleased to play a role in supporting the economic development mission of this significant location.

Listen to a recent radio interview featuring the park, with comments from Halstead and Duane Dombek, MATRIC’s process and product R&D director.

Aerial site view, provided by West Virginia Regional Technology Park