Expertise at the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center is often applied to consumer products, but also impacts the life sciences. TRAX BioDiscovery, one of our startup companies, has developed a patented technology which can yield a new understanding of human disease.

A specific type of immune cells, called T cells, are tasked with determining what is part of a normal/healthy human body and what is not—such as cancer cells, virus-infected cells, transplanted organs, etc. The TRAX technology identifies individual groups of T cells which are involved in a specific health condition as opposed to treating T cells synonymously. This not only furthers our understanding of disease mechanisms but also allows the design of new targeted therapeutics and disease monitoring devices.

Conventional strategies obliterate or enhance large populations of T cells in the body, often causing severe imbalances in the immune system. Using the TRAX technology, new therapies can be developed which target only the T cells involved in a specific condition, thereby leaving the rest of the immune system intact and functioning normally. This significantly reduces the unwanted side effects and negative consequences of currently employed broad therapies. The TRAX technology is poised to improve the lives of those suffering from conditions as varied as infectious disease, cancer, transplantation and even autoimmune diseases such as arthritis, lupus and type 1 diabetes.

TRAX is the recent recipient of a BioWV microgrant (with support from the Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation), which will be used to conduct additional market analysis as it pertains to the entry of TRAX technology into the pharmaceutical/drug development sector.