ICIS Top 100 Chemical CompaniesThe information service ICIS has released its identification and assessment of the global Top 100 Chemical Companies 2013. Companion reports highlighting the Top 100 Regional Chemical Companies 2013 (North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin America) and the 2013 Company of the Year are included. The reports can be downloaded from the ICIS website.

ICIS used 2012 financial information and offered the following to clarify its methodology:

The data shown are collected from public, private and state-controlled chemical companies including the chemicals operations of the major oil companies, industrial gases and fertilizer producers.

The aim is to present an as comprehensive picture as possible of major sector companies, to illustrate trends in profitability as well as top line performance. Group figures are collected for most producers to achieve a comprehensive data set and the additional financial information collected by ICIS for its Top 100 analysis is available on request.

The data illustrate profits as well as sales growth across the sector, debt levels, capital and research and development (R&D) spending and, where available, other measures.