Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.27.03 PMA leader in science and technology research and development, MATRIC has invited three undergraduate chemical engineering students to join the team as interns for the summer. Some of the best and brightest from West Virginia University (WVU) and The Ohio State University (OSU) will assist the 100+ MATRICians with their daily work in the labs, in the pilot plants and in the office.

These interns are part of MATRIC University, a recently formalized internship program where MATRIC recruits high-performing undergrad and graduate students to join the team for a summer or semester.

“At MATRIC, we’re committed to investing in our future workforce and to providing the next generation of scientists and engineers with valuable, real-life experience in the field,” said Jack Dever, chief technology officer, MATRIC. “In addition, these students provide a unique perspective on processes and technologies. They help us understand how we might do things differently today or in the future.”

This summer, the interns will be actively involved in lab work, engineering package development and pilot plant constructions. They’ll also be paired with a MATRIC mentor, Dever explained.

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