Board Members

Dr. John P. “Jack” Dever
Executive Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, MATRIC

William B. Goode
Vice President, WV Investments

Steven B. Hedrick*
Chairman, President & CEO, MATRIC

Stephen Kawash*
CPA, Brown Edwards CPAs
Treasurer, MATRIC

Elton Bond
Chief Financial Officer & Chief Administrative Officer, MATRIC

John T. Miesner*
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary, MATRIC

Don Supcoe
President, Energy Corporation of America

James “Jim” F. Underhill, CPA
CFO/COO, MRC Global (ret.)

Dr. Parvez Wadia
Vice President, Strategic Initiatives, MATRIC

Bob Welty*
State President (WV), Fifth Third Bank
Vice Chairman, MATRIC

*MATRIC Officer