Vision | Mission | Values


To be recognized as the strategic innovation partner of choice for customers where science and technology provide a competitive advantage.


To deliver solutions to complex problems of society and business through market-driven innovation in chemical process and advanced software technologies.


  • We are committed to working safely and responsibly.
  • People are our most treasured asset. We treat everyone with respect, dignity and fairness, and we offer opportunities for personal growth. We are an empowered organization, but are also highly accountable for all of our actions. Our work culture values internal and external collaboration, open information sharing, continuous learning, fiscal responsibility, transparency in our decisions, and we leverage speed, simplicity, and focus as a part of our competitive advantage.
  • We cherish fast-paced market-driven innovation. Our goal is to deliver the best, most cost-effective value proposition for our global customers.
  • We are the best-in-class innovators because we value intense customer focus. This involves multidisciplinary teamwork, creativity and technology excellence, disciplined decision making, and a passion for making a difference.
  • We conduct all our business with the highest standards of ethics. We earn the trust of our employees and customers by consistently delivering on our commitments. We are committed to operating safely, improving the health of our employees, and protecting the environment.
  • We value diversity of thought, experiences, disciplines, and cultures. We leverage our organizational diversity to achieve business success.
  • MATRIC is a fun and exciting place to work. Our employees feel emotionally fulfilled and financially rewarded for their contributions. We also make a very positive contribution to economic development in the State and our Nation, and to the welfare of the communities in which we reside and operate.
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Our mission defines a clear focus for our work.


Our values determine how we carry out the mission.


Our vision requires that we consistently and effectively live up to both.