MATRIC Recognizes its STAR Teams

BioAmber One of the companies most influential in MATRIC’s growth over its lifetime has been BioAmber. Correspondingly, MATRIC has played a significant role in helping BioAmber grow from a very small organization to an increasingly self-sufficient commercial operation. MATRIC’s contributions have included novel process concepts, laboratory proof of concept, pilot-scale demonstration, and engineering design. Although [...]

Communications Specialist Joins MATRIC

The Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) has hired Jason Keeling as chemical-catalyst-catalyst-testing-chemical-catalyst-chemical-pilot-plant-demonstration-plant-solids-processing-chemical-separations specialist, responsible for the organization's community outreach, public relations and marketing strategy. He previously worked full time as a public relations and online media consultant, serving organizations such as The Education Alliance, the West Virginia Wilderness Coalition, and the West Virginia [...]

MATRIC Team Adds Project Manager and Organic Chemist

Dr. John P. “Jack” Dever recently joined the Mid-Atlantic Technology, Research & Innovation Center (MATRIC) team, as senior project manager. He previously worked for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical Co. in West Virginia, Louisiana, and Canada, most recently as director of technology development. In addition to working as a research scientist and production manager, he [...]

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