Comprehensive Chemical Process
Development and Scale-Up

Chemical Catalysis Process Development Chemical Catalyst Process Development Chemical Separations Process Development Chemical Crystallization Process Development


Scientists and engineers in the Chemical and Environmental Technologies business area possess a broad range of technical capabilities in industrial R&D, ranging from fundamental research to highly applied development in both the process and product arenas. Many of their scientific contributions have changed the basis of competition in the chemical, petrochemical, and related industries. Key technical capabilities include catalysis, process chemistry, advanced separations, reaction engineering, computational/quantum chemistry, analytical science, polymer science, process safety, modeling and simulation, statistical analysis, experimental design, transport phenomena, materials of construction, process economics, and environmental technologies. These capabilities are applied to important needs, such as biomass conversion, alternative raw materials, coal gasification, more efficient chemical processes, reduced environmental impact, and new products with improved properties. MATRIC’s capabilities are uniquely leveraged by assembling a highly successful multidisciplinary team approach using advanced technologies and a systems approach to process synthesis. Core competencies are summarized as follows:

Chemical Process Development and Design

Development of advanced separations technologies, radical process innovation, simulation, and synthesis to reduce capital and operating costs in the chemical and polymer industries.

Chemical Catalysis / Catalysts Testing and Process Development

Discovery, development, scale-up, and commercial production of “best-in-class” heterogeneous and homogeneous catalysts for batch and continuous processes.

Chemical Pilot Plant, Scale-Up and Technology Verification

Process and product pilot plant, demonstration unit scale-up, and technological verification to achieve reduced cycle times and commercial risk mitigation.

Crystallization and Solids Processing and Improvements

MATRIC offers a full range of laboratory services for solids processing, including various types of crystallization, solid/liquid separation, including centrifugation and filtration, and vacuum and convection drying. Services include the capability for conducting laboratory and/or pilot scale precipitation, crystallization, and product recovery studies suitable for scale-up to commercial operation.

Renewable Raw Materials

Emphasis on development of processes based on biomass and renewables.

Techno-Economic Analysis, Economic Analysis, Chemical Technology Assessment and Emerging Technology Evaluations

Identification and techno-economic analysis of emerging process and product technologies.

New Product Development

MATRIC personnel have considerable experience in the design, formulation, and introduction of new commercial products.

Environmental Expertise and Services

MATRIC has broad expertise in environmental technologies, including environmental characterization experience and techniques, water treatment technologies, and processes for reducing the environmental impact of natural gas and coal production.

Safety Engineering Services

MATRIC offers a full suite of safety services, including reviews, analyses, incident investigation, program and plan development, modeling, audits, and training. These capabilities will help an organization reduce the risks associated with a variety of industrial and laboratory operations.

Intellectual Property

Generation of intellectual property and its leveraging to create unique value and sustainable competitive advantage.

Chemical Process and Plant Improvement, Scale-Up, Pilot Plants, and Demonstration Plants

Plant operations improvement and process support, including increased yield, capacity, asset utilization, product quality, reliability, inherent safety and reduced energy usage, and lower environmental impact.

Business Strategy, Technology Plans, and Market Introduction

Business strategy and technology plan development for successful market introduction of new products, processes, and technical services.


  • Process and catalyst technology for ethylene production from natural gas
  • Biomass and wood-based raw materials conversion technology to important chemical building blocks and other value-added specialty products
  • Process chemistry research to enhance the yield of products using alternative raw materials and new catalysts
  • Flexible manufacturing technologies for specialty chemicals
  • Advanced technologies for mercury removal
  • Advancements in new polymeric materials technology for highly demanding end use applications
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration technology development
  • Process analytical chemistry
Learn Why Working with MATRIC is Different

MATRIC is a non-profit contract research and development firm with proven expertise in chemical process technologies, research and development, and scale up services for the chemical industry.  Working alongside MATRIC allows chemical and energy companies to quickly launch development projects, overcome technical challenges, minimize long-term capital and operating costs, and anticipate and control risk.