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MATRIC is an independent, non-profit research and development firm.

MATRIC’s deep technical heritage and uncommon lab and pilot plant facilities provide the talent and resources that chemical and energy companies need to develop, improve and scale chemical processes while minimizing cost and risk.

Organizations needing advanced systems or software development services can better manage schedule and cost by working with MATRIC and, simultaneously, tap into MATRIC’s expertise in turning data into actionable knowledge.

Technical Engineering

Powerful, proven and established technology development and improvement methodologies to increase return on investment.

 Chemical Process Improvement

 Chemical Techno-Economic Modeling

 Chemical Process Engineering

 Other Technical Engineering Services

Advanced Software Technologies

Experience and capabilities to reduce software and systems development risks while controlling schedule and costs.

 GIS Applications

 Modeling and Simulations

 Software Engineering

 Advanced Software Project Portfolio

 Other Advanced Software Technologies Services


  • John MathenyJohn Matheny
    Mr. Matheny has 34 years of experience in the chemical industry, much of it involving the design, construction, and operation of pilot plant facilities and production units for Union Carbide and Dow Chemical. His experience includes high pressure laboratory operations, ethyleneamines and ethanolamines experimental units, and production unit support. He has spent several years at […]


Solving a mystery of high impurity concentrations

Early in 2014, one of our customers was experiencing high impurity concentrations in their product. High levels of both the typical impurities and unexpected oxidized contaminations were present in their product overhead. This was problematic because a high-value [...]

MATRIC Welcomes Three New Team Members

At MATRIC, we know that our people are our most valued asset, and we are pleased to welcome three new members to the team! Dr. Grant Proulx joins MATRIC as a Senior Research Chemist. He has more than [...]